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Paragliding at Dobhi ,Manali

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Flying Type : Tandom Paragliding through the route

Batches started from 21 September 2019

Operation Period : April to July & September to November

Paragliding at Dobhi ,Manali

Sandwiched between Dhauladhar & Pir Panjal Mountains, Manali is beautiful Himalayan hamlet at the altitude of 2050 Meter. Manali is a destination to visit for every reason & for every season. Whether you are planning for your honeymoon trip or coming for family vacations, whether you are a group of friends or a corporate meeting folks, Manali offers wide range of resorts and relaxing spots at the mountain edge or on the bank of Beas River. Manali can be visited in weekend holidays or long stay leisure. The positive energy of Himalayas gives Manali a bonus to welcome meditation practitioners & yoga enthusiasts from the globe. Number of travelers visits Manali every year and most of them are those who visit this destination every year.

Here in Manali, numerous mountain trails & fresh water streams offers many adventure sports. And one of them is Paragliding. If you are looking to fulfill your thrust of being adventures & want to be the part of Manali’s thrill, Paragliding is a splendid option to electrifying your demand. Manali is beautiful, the natural all around is spectacular & especially when you look at the entire valley from 4000 meter up above the ground, the experience left you spellbound. A five minutes fly to fifteen minutes fly jump, there are lot of options to choose. Here in Manali, your experience of flying in the sky surrounded by snow-capped mountains will become more fun if you seriously learn the flying techniques of how to take-off, jump & land. The facilities of taking the shots & video while flying in the sky is also available here on a nominal cost. The best time for Paragliding in Manali is summer & early winters. Though there are many spots (take-off) points from where one can do Paragliding but Dobhi village & Solang valley are the most preferable among all. You never know while in the sky, a flying Himalayan eagle can be your companion parallel & latterly that experience will mark on your heart – that is Manali special.

Rules for Paragliding Safety : -

  • Flying without a motorized engine can inevitably be dangerous, since one is solely in the hands of nature for some time. So it is necessary to take all the precautions possible in order to prevent serious damage. Using the right equipment, wearing the right clothing, and following the right protocol, is something that every Paragliders should do, and there should never be any ambiguity about such things. Here are some basic rules that any experienced or amateur Paragliders must remember at all times.
  • The first time that you go paragliding, you should do so with an experienced instructor. For this purpose, you can either join a paragliding club, or enlist the help of a licensed and registered instructor.
  • Equipment like a flight suit, helmet, boots, harness and canopy must be utilized by anyone who is paragliding. If possible, you must buy this equipment for yourself, rather than use equipment that is used or is used by a group of people at different times.
  • Learn to respect the weather conditions. Paragliding when it is raining or when there is excessive wind is ill-advised, and you must learn to recognize the signs. Majority of paragliding accidents happen due to unsuitable weather conditions.
  • Showing off unnecessarily could lead to accidents and serious injuries, so you must know your limitations and not push them excessively. Paragliding is essentially an adventure sport, so a rush of adrenaline is expected. But you must know where to draw the line, because after all, your life is at stake.
  • The landing site must be easily accessible and clearly visible. A lot of accidents happen due to irregular landings, and one should also use their legs for rough landings. A broken ankle or leg is easier to manage than a broken back or spine.
  • Always carry a knife with you while paragliding, as you never know when you may need to cut yourself free from an entanglement of wires and cords.
  • Always take advice from experienced Paragliders about various aspects like launching off, navigating, landing, steering, and other safety issues. Someone who has flown a lot will be the best teacher in these circumstances, and their words can help you avoid the mistakes they may have made.
  • It is said that most paragliding accidents happen due to the bad attitude of the Paragliders. Someone who is cautious and takes the right safety measures will almost never find himself in a dangerous situation. But someone who is excessively cavalier and aggressive about paragliding, may lure himself into a situation that could lead to serious injuries. At the end of the day, paragliding is a dangerous sport, and only someone who is prepared for the worst can handle it. A famous adage says It is better to be on the ground wishing you were in the air, than to be in the air wishing you were on the ground, and this is something that every single Paragliders must remember.

Cancellation policy : -

  • If you wish to cancel the booking between 30 days to 24 hours, we will refund you 100% amount.
  • If you wish to cancel the booking under 24 hours of operation, we will refund you 50% amount.
  • Cancel due to weather - Aero sports is totally depend on weather. If weather or winds is not ideal or it’s a rainy day. But still you are requested to reach the site, wait for 30 minutes if weather is still not suitable as advised by our in-charge on spot, please call us, we will cancel your activity and refund you 75% amount you paid us.

Inclusions: -

  • At site, required transportation is included in given price.
  • Fly with professional instructor,
  • Helmet will be provided
  • Medical is available at site.

How to reach The paragliding site

Site is easy approachable by drive
Tandom Paragliding through the route

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